Shaking Hands with Bill Clinton – 1993

In 1993 (I think), I had the opportunity to hear President Bill Clinton speak at the unveiling of a memorial to Martin Luther King, Jr. in Indianapolis.
After he spoke, he "worked the rope line" and I got a handshake in…and then I ran around the crowd and got in line again for a second shake. This photo was published in the Indianapolis Star the next day – roll over it to find me.

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  1. I think I knew you in 93, but I don’t remember your hair being so dark . . .

  2. I don’t think we knew each other then, Thomas, it was before I ever came to Richmond. And yes, my hair was a little darker then, and more plentiful. 🙂

  3. um, you are a fabulous and incredible human being. but you also are slightly dorky.
    so this is the 2nd time you got in line twice for bill!

  4. who, this a kind of retro. God, he looks so different than the Clinton I saw the other day

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